2006.10.11-13   8pm
Theatre, Sheung Wan Civic Centre

$100, $80 (Full-time student, senior citizens aged 60 or above, disabled persons)


Performance Elements


Number of Performers
Actors  11 Male 7 Female

Theatre Horizon Presents

Our Town

In the depths of fading memories, what never dies?
In the brief journey from life to death, what touches the heart?

A timeless American classic, one of the most performed plays in the 20th century; Our Town has exceeded the limitations of props, settings, time, culture, and explore the quintessence of performance. It is a story of 1900s that touches the hearts of people in 2006. It is more than just a performance; it’s an emotional comfort, healing hearts and minds.


Production Team  

    Thornton Wilder (U.S.)
Director & Sound Designer  
Chan Chu-hei
Choreographer  Julia Mok
Set & Lighting Designer 
Gabriel Fung
Deputy Lighting Designer  Meji Lau
Costume Designer   Wooby Fong
Make-up Designer   Maggie Wong
Singing Coach   Lianna Tse
Assistant Director   Ng Shiu-hei
Stage Manager   Nancy Lee
Producers    Ada Lam  Maggie Wong
Graphic Designer   Lam Chun-sing  Yau Man-kwong
Main Cast   Cast A - Lianna Tse
Eric Huynh   Hippo Ho
Venus Ip*   Sze Pak Lam
Oliver Leung
Cast B - Priscilla Lai
Ronan Pak*   Grace Ng
Fok Man Wai   Yeung Dick Kwong
Liu Kuok Tong

The Cast

Corinna Chamberlain    Eric Ho
Chan Yin Chung   Ben Kwong
Leung Ming Ho    Lam Chuk Shan
Larry Ng    Pak Chung Ki
Bobby Sho    Jimmy Tsang
Sunnie Wong    Josephine Yung

*Participation with the approval of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts




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