2007.11.16-18   8pm
2007.11.16-18   3pm
Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

$150, $100 (Full-time Student, Senior Citizens aged 60 or above, Disabled persons)





Performance Elements
Theatre  Physical  Mask   Greek Tragedy   Live Music


Number of Performers
Actors  13 Male 16 Female
Musicians 3

Theatre Horizon Presents


"Building the palace was a mistake. To burn the palace is another. It is a pity that two mistakes do not make it right. And in the end I am the one who is to pay the price!

This play is an adaptation of the Greek tragedy, Sophocles’ Antigone. In ancient times, after a bloody revolution, the former tyrannical dynasty has left a magnificent palace behind. The new emperor orders the palace to be burned down, while the daughter of an artisan who died in the construction of the palace, vows to protect this symbol of the people’s sweat and memory. As she sets out to defy the emperor’s order, a fatal confrontation with a tragic end is bound to unfold.


Production Team  

Adaptation / Playwright
Wong Kwok-kui
Chan Chu-hei
Choreographer / Musician    Julia Mok
Acting Coach   Emotion Cheung
Composer / Musical Director / Musician Chan Wai-fat
Percussion Arranger/ Musician 
Les Fong
Set & Mask Designer Kelvin Tsang
Lighting Co-designer Fung Kwok-kee
Lighting Co-designer Meji Lau
Costume Designer Cheng Man-wing
Mask Construction   Paul Chan
Main Cast    Emotion Cheung
Fok Man-wai
Priscilla Lai
Special Appearance    Shaw Mei Kwan
Chorus & Actors
All Students of the Greek Tragedy Study and Performance Workshop

Cherry Au Yeung   Angel Chan
Gabby Chan    Sulia Chan
Cheung Ka-fai   Natalie Cheung
Alex Choy   Dorothy Chu
Angela Chung   Ho Hong-man
Ho Kin-man   Hippo Ho
Hsu Kin-ting   Venus Ip
Oliver Leung   Stan Mok
Bryan Mui   Jimmy Tsang
Laertus Wong   Fiona Wong
Barbara Yeung   Yeung Dick-kwong
Yeung Ka-ho
Stage Manager /
Deputy Stage Manager
   Nancy Lee
Producer   Maggie Wong
Promotional Assistants   Angel Chan  
Josephine Yung





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