2010.7.30-31   8pm
2010.7.31   3pm
Theatre, Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre

$688 (Mind-changing seat. Only two in each show. A surprise gift bag is included.)
$100、$80 (Senior citizens, disabled persons, full-time students)

Performance Elements
Theatre Mask Physical  Poetry  Live Music 


Number of Performers
Actors  9 Male 11 Female 2 Children
Musicians 2

Theatre Horizon Presents
Winds of Change

In a country where the disparity of the rich and poor is great, people's rage is on the verge of eruption. However, those in power choose not to see, or even oppress ruthlessly. The artist, eccentric and temperamental, on the one hand sympathizes with the people﹐on the other, his support is wanted by the ruling party. In the end, his conscience prevails which makes him pay a great price.

Inmedia HK | 劇評:《變天》變了些甚麼?/ 賴勇衡


Mingpao | 政改之後﹕何時變天﹖如何變天﹖── 群眾運動的邏輯 / 黃國鉅  2010.7.25

101 Arts News | 專訪導演陳曙曦談如何《變天》 / 劉靉  2010.7.19



Production Team

   Wong Kwok-kui
Co-Directors & Main Cast  
Chan Chu-hei     Emotion Cheung
Composer/ Musical Director & Sound Designer   Chan Wai-fat
Choreographer / Musician   Julia Mok
Set & Mask Designer    Hoi Chiu
Lighting Designer   Fung Kwok-kee
Costume & Image Designer  
Cheng Man-wing
Production Manager   Tsui Tsz Yee
Stage Manager   Wong Hing Nam
Producer   Cathy Lam
Graphic Designer  大C
Photographers   Vincy Leung  
Pierre To   Lam Chi-fai
Promotional Officer   Chu Pui-yuen
Assistant Promotional Officer  
Chan Lo-sze
Ticketing    Yukko

Other Main Cast     Ho Hong-man  
Ho Kin-man
Child actresses   Leung Yee-ting  
Cheung Kang-mung
Chorus Actors  
Chan Lo-Sze    Chan Siu-yan
Chan Wai-ming   Chan Yee-wah
Chung Hon-sing   Chu Pui-yuen
   Ho Po-kwan   Kwan Pui-yan
Cathy Lam   Yukko
Leung Yuk-hang     Elsa Ma
Ng Shiu-hang
Wong Hing-nam
Yeung Dick-kwong   Ip Man-yan




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