2012.8.2 - 8.5   7:30pm
2013.8.2 - 8.5   3pm
Theatre, Sheung Wan Civic Centre

$190, $150, $110*




Performance Elements
Drama  Puppetry  Shadow Puppets    Children's Show


Number of Performers
Actors  5 Male  5 Female 
Musicians  2

Jumbo Kids Theatre & Theatre Horizon Co-Present
Short-nosed Elephant Xiao Xiao
─ International Arts Carnival

Popular novelist Giddens Ko's moving children's story

Once upon a time, there was a forest where all the animals were living happily save one little elephant, named Xiao Xiao. His trunk was unusually short. He did not have the abilities of  like other elephants did. He was unhappy! His friends, the owl Dan Dan, Lion, Zebra and Grey Wolf were constantly consoling him, he was still feeling sad. One day, Skunk told Xiao Xiao about the God of the Forest who lived at the very end of the forest could make his dreams come true. So off he went to the very end of the forest in search of the God of the Forest, hoping he could get a beautiful trunk. Xiao Xiao came across  some life-changing events along the way. Would he be able to find the God of the Forest and make his dream come true?

With the text of popular novelist from Taiwan, Giddens Ko, beautiful original live music and children's songs, as well as colourful muppets and puppets, and shadow puppets, the show presents the audience this moving story suitable for any family's enjoyment.

Short-nosed Elephant Xiao Xiao was the first  collaboration, in the art-form of a children's show, of Theatre Horizon and Jumbo Kids Theatre. However, this was not the first collaboration of the two artistic directors. Their first collaboration can be dated back to 2007 when Chan Chu Hei was invited by Even Lam to direct 《親親廿四孝》 (transliterally, "Kissing the 24 Paragons of Filial Piety.")

Production Team

Artistic Director of
Jumbo Kids Theatre
Even Lam Ying Kit
Artistic Director of Theatre Horizon
   Chan Chu Hei

   Giddens Ko
  Hsiao Nei
Adaptation and Director
Chan Chu Hei
Production Designer
Alex  Tam Hung Man
Video & Lighting Designer
Fung Kwok Kee
Movement Director
    Julia Mok
Costume Designer
    Yue Fung Kit
Sound Designer
    Chan Wai Fat
Collaborative Composers &
Live Musicians

Chan Wai Fat    Lam Ching
Sound Operator
    Lee Ma Tai
The Cast  
To Hiu Tung, Fok Man Wai,
  Wong Yu Mui, Charley,
Anson Chan Wai Chung,
Fung Chi Yau, Hui Chun Pong,
Poon Chun Ho, Yeung Man Sze,
Tam Yuk Ting
Production Manager  
Chong Hiu Ting
Stage Manager  
Keiko Chan
Deputy Stage Manager   
Fan Man Yan
Assistant Stage Manager

Lung Tsz Yan
   Lung Tsz To,   Li Sik Ying
Administration & Front of House  
 Leung Wun Sui
Ticketing & Front of House Assistant
  Cheng Chung Kei
Graphic Designer
    Lau Chi Wai

Star Ritz Co. granted this theatrical work  the permission to adapt from Short-nosed Elephant Xiao Xiao written by Gidden Ko.




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