2012.10.26-28   8pm
2013.10.27-28   3pm
Black Box Theatre, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

$150 (Free-seating)

Performance Elements


Number of Performers
Actors  2 Male  11 Female 

A Co-presentation of Theatre Horizon & Hong Kong Originator

on a Winter's Night a Traveller

Living in 2012 on the Wheel of Time, 15 war-horses born in the 80s live their lives in the great time of changes. Their eyes are on you.

'If on a Winter's Night a Traveller' is a work inspired by the novel of the same name by Italo Calvino.

In June 2011, these young people graduated from the Performance Major of The School of Drama of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. They are now setting out on their individual paths through sweetness and bitterness to search for the art that their hearts desire.

In early 2012, Chan Chu-hei met with these fresh graduates. After some exchanges, he made up his mind to start up a visually stimulating storm onstage so the spectators could watch these fearsome warhorses of the 80s at a slightly different angle.

Production Team

Playwright of 'If'
    Leung Chui Shan
Playwright of 'On'  Santayana Li
Playwright of  'A Winter's'  
Yip Hing Wah
Playwright of 'Night'   Santayana Li
Playwright of 'A'     
Yip Hing Wah
 Playwright of 'Travel'  
Leung Chui Shan
  Playwright of 'Ler'  
Collaborative Creation 

Director   Chan Chu Hei
The Cast 
Lam Yuen Wai , 
Lo Hoi Yan,    Tsang Ho Laam,
Leung Chui Shan,  Li Yuk Hang, Li, Kai Chung, Lau Ting Kwan,
Lai Wai Ling, Wong On Ting,
Wong Yu Mui,  Zhou Ruonan,
Wong Hei Man
Stage Manager & Deputy Stage Manager
  Cheung Wai Ting
Set Designer 
Yue Fung Kit
Lighting Designer
 Ho Fu Lung
Sound Designer
Leung Po Wing
Costume Designer
Zhou Ruonan 
Yue Fung Kit
Producer / Ticketing
Santayana Li
Promotion & Graphic Design
Leung Tsz Fung
Promotional Photography 
Ma Chai



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