2013.6.20-23   8pm
2013.6-22-23   3pm
Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre

$180 (Standard) $90 (Full-time Students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and their minders, full-time students and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients)






Performance Elements

In Cantonese (with some English) with English surtitles only

Number of Performers
Actors  1 Male 1 Female 

Theatre Horizon x Hong Kong Dramatist presents

A self-incarcerating being is buried under a heap of abandoned words.
From writing and publishing through to marketing and distribution, who has killed creativity?

Playwright Janice Poon X Director Chan Chu Hei X Cast Yu Hon Ting, Gladys

This is a stage production with out-of-the-box staging. It digs up desires in a secret room which is at once theatre and installation.

Inspired by real story of owner of the Youth Literary Bookstore who died under boxes of books in 2008, playwright Janice Poon tells the story of a self-incarcerating author who is buried under a heap of abandoned books.

Having gone through an acrimonious argument with a publisher and a fatal accident, Professor Lau is hard hit both physically and psychologically. He decides to lock himself up in a room and continue with his reading and writing. He lives solely in the precincts of cyber literature, a secret room full of books to which even his wife and children cannot have access.

It is one man’s war against the tide of unhealthy practices in the field of publication - the publisher’s sole preoccupation with sales volume, the media having sole say etc.. Professor Lau fights back by locking himself up in his study in a bid to uphold authors’ dignity and safeguard the true value of books. But with the rapid changes of global mass media, and the jet speed development of smart phones and e-books, the value of books for humankind is on the decline. So what is the true value of books and knowledge? What are the traumas that lay behind the author’s will and his cutting off from the world?


IATC(HK) | 《房間》風骨還是戀物?/ 賴永衡 2013.7.8

HKELD | Review-The Room-Hong Kong Dramatist and Theatre Horizon / Stephanie Ip  2013.6.21

Production Team

Playwright  Janice Poon
Director  Chan Chu-hei
Producer  Felix Chan
The Cast  Yu Hon-ting   Gladys Liu
Set and Costume Designer Moon Yip
Lighting Designer  Fung Kwok-kee
Music & Sound Designer  
Leung Po-wing 
Graphic & Video Designer   Remu Iwai




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