2015.11.28-29; 12.05-06   6pm
Vistors' Centre of Tak Kwu Ling/ Ping Che Alliance for 'saving our home'

$120 (Standard), $100 (Full-time Student and Senior citizens aged 65or above)
$270 ( Admission fee and Hakka dinner combo ), $250 ( Concessionary Admission fee and Hakka dinner combo )









Performance Elements
Theatre  Drama   Site-Specific Theatre  Live Music


Number of Performers
Actors       6 Male 2 Female 
Musicians  2


The Garden Party (North-East Village Version)
by Theatre Horizon as part of the 4th Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival

To secure a better future for his son, the father arranges an appointment with an influential official who cannot show up because he is going to a garden party. The father then sends his son there to find him. There the son meets someone from the Liquidation Office and the Inauguration Services. He is engaged in a bureaucratic conversation quite void of meaning. The absurd scenes take place in one of Hong Kong's disappearing back garden, the North-east New Territories.


Stand News |【藝民節】現實活像荒誕劇──哈維爾《花園宴會》(東北村落版)/ 吉暝水  2015.12.10

Artalk |【藝民節2015】《花園宴會》:一個年青人搵工的故事 / 蔚藍 2015.12.07

VJMedia |香港正倒退到如共產時代的捷克 —— 專訪《花園宴會》東北村落版導演陳曙㬢 / Sherman   2015.12.03

101Arts.Net | 【首演之後】精彩絕倫的哈維爾劇本 / 曲飛    2015.12.01


The Garden Party was nominated Best Overall Performance Award while Mr Ng Kar Hai was nominated 'Outstanding Actor' by the 8th Hong Kong Theatre Libre.

The Villagers of Ping Che prepared a wonderful Hakka feast for the audience.

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Karley Ng, who portrayed Director of the Inauguration Service in Garden Party was nominated for Distinct Actor and the production was nominated for Best Performance by the 8th Hong Kong Theatre Libre.

Production Team

Original Playwright
  Vaclav Havel (Czech Republic)
Director  Chan Chu Hei
Production  Theatre Horizon
Installation & Costume Designer 
Mak Tsz Kwan
Lighting Designer 
Gabriel Fung Kwok Kee
Deputy Lighting Designer 
Leung Pui Wing
Music  Moon Yip,  Wong Yu Fai
Assistant Director  Sam Tang Ho Wai

The Cast  Hui Chun Pong,  Ng Kar Hai, Rocky Wong Kwok Kei,  To Hiu Tung, Ko Ki Yan,  Wong Yat Hei,  Leung Ka Chun, Mok Ka Yan, Choi Ho Yeung#

Stage Manager Leung Chit Yee
Deputy Stage Manager  Keung King Hang
Producer  Julia Mok
Assistant Producer  Mok Ka Yan*

# Participation with the approval of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
* Supported by HKADC under the Arts Administration Internship Scheme.

@ Václav Havel´s Estate c/o Aura-Pont s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic  


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