2015.5.22 - 31   8pm
Water Margin Theatre @ Horizon Art Space

$150 (Standard), $120 (Full-time Student)



Performance Elements
Theatre   Studio Theatre 


Number of Performers
Actors  5 Male 

Theatre Horizon Presents

Writing Wind, Writing Waves
Play-creation Project

Rourselves 3

Rourselves 3 is another stunt after "Tragic Hero."

Only when the Deadline is here and now that the last breath is put in use to act.

From kindergarten to secondary school, and later from university to society, man have been the same as ever.

This being the case, why not  move the Deadline closer to force myself to do it without regret?

Five men, at the mature age of thirty, take their risks.


Standnews |《天道英才》的抗拒與投降 / fttf  2015.6.9


Commercial Radio FM 90.3 "Zine" | 演員的自我搔癢3《天道英才》Parts 1 | 2 | 3  / Amber 2015.4.23

Production Team  

 Director  Hui Chun-pong
Creative / Actors  Wong Kwok-kei    Cheung Yik-tung  Wong Chun-kit  Yuen Wai-sun   Hui Chun-pong
Set Designer   Matthieu Chu
Lighting Designer
  Lam Yuen-shan
Sound Designer  Essky Yik
Stage Managers  Cheung Wai-ting    Oliver Man   Wong Ka-yan
Producer  Chan Chu-hei
Promotional Materials Design   
the sumerian studio

Performance Series

Writing Wind, Writing Waves Play-creation Project

Theatre Horizon was established in 2006. It first assumed the status of one-year grantee of the Hong Kong Art Development Council in 2013.  Besides its main concentration on its research in performing arts and theatre-making, it also dedicates itself to train the new generation of theatre-makers.

The objectives of the Writing Wind, Writing Waves Play-creation Project are to encourage young blood in theatre to create, write, direct, act in their own creation.  This also involves exploration and establishing one's style, experimenting and putting their artistic vision into practice, which intensify their motivation to explore possibilities. Theatre Horizon provides space and administrative support to the team.

Horizon Art Space aims to create an open and friendly atmosphere for theatre people to create and to present their work.  The Writing Wind, Writing Waves Play-creation Project believes that Water Margin Theatre and Horizon Art Space as a non-governmental performance venue offers great flexibility. We hope that this 'den' and 'ordinary' space in a walk-up factory building in Tai Kok Tsui may stimulate our new theatre-makers to break away from the usual traditional theatre frame of mind and reconsider the self and live in an ordinary point of view in their creation of work.




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