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Production Team

Meeting Point: Cheuk Wing Kee Store

Theatre Horizon Presents
The Black and Blue of a Man (North-East Village Edition)
A Play written by Paul Poon Wai Sum and directed by Chan Chu-hei.

When Lee Kwai comes down from the mountain, all he can see ahead of him is a river running into the horizon; as he looks back, the mountain disappears into a heavy mist. He feels the chill in his heart and could not help singing:

“Dream is but a dream
A dream only exists in dreamland
I don’t have a dream
A dream will only make me sad
Aspiration are useless
Thinking too much hurts my feelings
I dare not venture into deep thoughts or I would brag
Life is running fast like a river
There’s nothing you can carry with you, like the wind
The more you dream
The more depressed you feel
Don’t think
Don’t think
Don’t think
Not that I don’t want to think…” Suddenly he feels like he was thunderstruck, and then he realizes it was only a dead wild goose falling onto his head. Feeling dizzy, he sees that the world is becoming black and blue…. (Performed in Cantonese)

Performance Details 

Date & Time

29, 30 October and 5, 6 November, 2016  6:00pm
28 October & 4 November, 2016  7:45pm
Place Visitors’ Centre of Ta Kwu Ling/
Ping Che Alliance for ‘saving our home’
Meeting Point Cheuk Wing Kee Store (Ping Yuen Rd, Ping Che, Ta Kwu Ling)
Tips The performance is mostly in Cantonese. Mosquito repellents and flat heel shoes are recommended.
Ticket Price $180 (Standard), $130  (Full-time students and Senior Citizens aged 65 or above)
$340 (Standard tickets + Hakka Poon Choy dinner)
$290 (Student or Senior Citizen tickets + Hakka Poon Choy dinner)
Hakka Poon Choy Dinner $160 (The dinner is to be reserved 10 days before performance day. We only serve audience who come to see the play. Same price for adults and children. Free seating.)
Tickets Reservation 1.      Art-mate is a ticketing service that supports payment with credit cards and Paypal. For reservation of Hakka Poon Choy dinner, please purchase through Theatre Horizon.


Theatre Horizon Box Office provides ticketing and reservation of Hakka Poon Choy dinner. However, all tickets are now sold out. Thank you for your support!
Enquiries and Booking +852 5476 4564 (Miss Mok)
+852 3165 9394 (Theatre Horizon)
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Production Team  
Playwright Poon Wai Sum
Director & Artistic Director Chan Chu Hei
Music Director Mike Orange @Chochukmo
Movement Coach & Producer

Julia Mok

Combat Coach

Yuen Fai

Set & Costume Designer Yu Fung Kit
Associate Lighting Designer Gabriel Fung  Lam Yuen Shan@
Sound Designer Anthony Yeung
Assistant Director Donald Chung
The Cast & Costume Designers Kenneth Chiu, Kwok Siu Kit, Lai Chai Ming#, Dennis Lau, Alex Yim, Boat Chan, Oggy Ho, Ko Ki Yan, Total To, Samantha Tse
Musicians & Actors Gigi Cheung, Adam Tang Yu Ting
Musician Sam Tang Ho Wai
Stage Manager

Oliver Man

Assistant Producer Mocha Mokv
Graphic Designer Lai Yingying

@ Supported by HKADC under the Arts Production Internship Scheme.

E Supported by HKADC under the Drama Artistic Internship Scheme.

v Supported by HKADC under the Arts Administration Internship Scheme

 This performance is endorsed by Mr. Poon Wai Sum.  
  © 2016 Theatre Horizon