2017.7.13 - 22    7-11pm
2017.7.15 & 22   2-6pm 
(12 sessions in 10 days)
L5-10, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC)

Tuition Fees

$2500 (Full Enrolment)
$500 (Single-class)

About Théâtre du Soleil

Théâtre du Soleil of France is currently the most unique theatre company in the world. Since its establishment in 1964, Théâtre du Soleil with its 53 years of history, has been supported by the French government. Yet it owes its success to its director, Ariane Mnouchkine. Mnouchkine's works borrowed from many oriental theatre traditions without lacking originality. In 1970, the company moved into its current home base, La Cartoucherie, a former munitions factory in the Vincennes in Paris. Since then they have been creating an alternative theatre space to let the spectators have a different relationship with the theatre space which can be altered according to the needs of various works. The works of Théâtre du Soleil are mostly collective collaborations between Mnouchkine and the company members. The company are often invited to perform in major theatre festivals and its works are being made into films.
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Elements Involved
Theatre  drama   improvisation directing

Who is it for?
People who have basic training in theatre and theatre professionals








Theatre Horizon Presents

Shaghayegh Beheshti of Théâtre du Soleil (France)

Personal Memories & Historical Memories
-- A Performance & Improvisation Workshop

Under the guidance of Shaghayegh or Shasha, actors will be guided through their creative, as well as rehearsal, processes in the manner of the world-renowned Théâtre du Soleil. In this 10-day workshop, actors will be asked to reflect on questions about memory, referring to texts from Literature, Social, Philosophy and Psycho-analysis, and also historical archives of Hong Kong's contemporary history (books,  documentaries, etc.)  The actors will then try to 'write', 'paint',  or 'compose' together on stage, a poetic collective living Memorial in which the colorful images of the 'Little History' reflects some fragments of the 'Grand History'. This workshop is suitable for devising actors, playwrights and directors and for those who have previous theatre training.

"Theater is the sport of Memory. There's no Theater without Memory," Robert Lepage.

History is an Ocean composed of million and millions drops, each of which contains our individual memories.

Where do we come from?
What does our black box contain?
What do we remember from our childhood? From the stories our parents and grand parents told us?
Which part is reality? Which part is legend?
How does the omnipresence of all those technological supports - which are in charge to stock any single information of our life - influence the relationship we have with our own personal memory which is able to bring out from the deepest of our conscience some hidden impressions and then is able to reconstitute through these impressions a page of history in which both reality and imagination influence each other …?

The Artificial Memory stocks huge amount of information and restitutes them without pain and without modifying them. The Human Memory, more limited, but also more flexible and more creative, is able to base itself on only a few impressions or memories to edify a personal Memorial, with the contribution of Imagination and the Unconscious.

Does this new habit to share non-stop, for hours on end any information or sensations relative to our Lives on informatics like Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, etc, modify the relationship we have with our Memory?

Does the continuous 24/7 non-stop live broadcast on some TV channels modify our perception of History?

In the modern life, how does an Actor find the right space to connect with his unconscious? And once he gets connected, which one between the 1001 details, impressions, sensations of his 'interior landscape' will he select and choose to represent essential instance of his life and how will he inscribe or transpose them on stage?

During the ten days of the workshop, the group of actors will be asked first to build a reflection around all those questions, referring to literature, social, philosophical and psychoanalytic texts and also historical archives of Hong Kong's contemporary history ( books, documentary, etc. ) All the actors will try to 'write,' 'paint,' or 'compose' together on stage, a poetic, collective living Memorial in which the colorful images of the 'Little History' reflects some fragments of the 'Grand History'.

Shaghayegh Beheshti (Shasha) Teacher

Born in Iran on 1974, and moved to Paris with her parent since 1975. Shaghayegh completed her Masters degree at University Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris. She first participated in workshops led by Ariane Mnouchkine in 1997 and joined the Théâtre du Soleil since. In Dernier Caravansérail, she was instrumental in decoding and translating the stories of Afghan immigrants' stories and was later involved as cultural consultant and performer. In 2007 she involved in the collaborative creation of Les Éphémères and created the role of Perl. She was on the script-writing team in  Les Naufrages du fol Espoir which toured to Taipei where she performed. In 2012, she was invited by Teatro Due Mondi to conduct improvisation workshops to professionals actors as well as the refugees who were applying for naturalization. She played the major role in Théâtre du Soleil's recent production of Une chambre en Inde.

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