2017.1.5 - 2.19

Brilliant Fireworks Tonight - The Story of Old Beijing
by Theatre Baal
2017.1.5 - 8  8pm
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My (City's) Stories
by William et al. Creative Lab
2017.1.12-15  8pm
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Midnight Angels
by Poor Guy Diary
2017.1.19 - 22  9pm
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Made in Macau 2.0
by Rolling Puppets (Macao)
2017.2.3 - 4  8pm
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The First Night
by Shinehouse Theatre (Taipei)
2017.2.17 - 19  8pm
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Theatre Horizon Presents

-- Disappearing City

The Outer West Kowloon Theatrefest will take place in early January 2017. For the six-week long festival, Theatre Horizon invited two young professional theatre companies from Macau and Taipei, and publically called for application from four local young theatre companies. The final six companies were to create or re-create on the theme of “Disppeared City” and to present their work on the outskirt of Hong Kong’s future cultural nucleus, in two over-50-year-old walk-up buildings which face possible demolition in Tai Kok Tsui of west Kowloon, exploring the issues of making the transition from the old to the new, and various social problems common in rapidly developing cities. This festival will host some seminars to allow exchange among the groups and local and overseas theatre practitioners and scholars will be invited to discuss the development of local independent theatre scene.

Festival Staff

Artistic Director & Curator Chan Chu Hei
Administrative Coordinator Julia Mok
Resident Technician Judy Cheng
Resident Technician Lai Chai Ming
Ticketing Officer Mok Ka Yan
Graphic Designer Lai Ying Ying

Festival Brochure




vOuter West Kowloon Theatrefest is financially supported by HKADC Project Grant.


天邊外主辦【西九外劇場節】發佈會: 巴爾劇場參節節目- 《這夜煙火燦爛 -北京舊城的故事》

天邊外主辦【西九外劇場節】發佈會: William et al. 創作研究室參節節目- 《這一夜,聽我(城)的故事》
天邊外主辦【西九外劇場節】發佈會: 窮人誌參節節目- 《夜行動物》
天邊外主辦【西九外劇場節】發佈會: 滾動傀儡另類劇場(澳門)參節節目- 《Made in Macau 2.0》



IATC(HK) Artism | 幽靈一般的小劇場:綜評《西九外劇場節2017:被消失後的城市》/Bruce Lai Yung 2017.3

Performing Arts Review | 主題呼應時代 「西九外劇場節」危機中上演 / Bernice Chan Vol. 290 2017.2


Mingpao | 西九外劇場 唐樓開花 / 玲子 2016.12.30

Standnews | 唐樓辦「西九外劇場節」 天邊外劇場:隨時會被消失!  2016.12.19

Reviews of Works  

Standnews | 是北京,也是香港 ── 《這夜煙火燦爛,北京舊城的故事》觀後感 /  Merry Chow (Artalk) 2017.1.26

Standnews | 用劇場作為記錄 ── 評《這一夜,聽我(城)的故事》 / Eugenia Law (Artalk) 2017.1.19

Standnews | 你還活著嗎?小人物的《夜行動物》 / Mona Chu (Artalk) 2017.1.21

IATC(HK) Facebook | 賴勇衡評夜行動物 2017.1.21

Standnews | 〈Made in Macau 2.0〉觀後隨記與後記 / Wendy Wo 2017.2.13

Standnews | Made in Macau 2.0 ── 澳門製造的小人物 / Artalk 2017.2.6

Standnews | 母親之死 ── 談曉劇場《第一夜》/ 阮蔚藍 (藝托邦) 2017.3.6

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