2018.11.22  8pm
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New Directors' Movement

"New Directors' Movement" is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. This workshop is part of the project.

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Greek Tragedy  Play-writing  Directing



Theatre Horizon Presents
New Directors' Movement

Pre-show Seminar of Mourning Becomes Electra

Topic of Discussion:  
Tragedy? What's it got to do with me?

Speakers: Mr. Wong Kwok-kui, Associate Professor, Director of Liberal and Cultural Studies Programme of Baptist University , Mentor of the Director, and Mr. Tang Ho-wai, Director of Mourning Becomes Electra  of the New Directors' Movement.
Moderator: Mr. Chan Chu-hei, Artistic Director of Theatre Horizon.

Mourning Becomes Electra is a renowned classic tragedy by Eugene O'Neill, Father of American Theatre. However, traditionally tragedy seems like a remote idea to the modern people. Often the word 'tragedy' is used as a synonym for 'tragic incident.'  In the real life, we are already surrounded by all kinds of tragic incidents. Why would we still want to go to the theatre to watch a 'tragedy'? How does 'tragedy,' as an art form, transcend us in order to give new meaning to modern life? How do the artist and the spectator nourish from these classic tragedies? At present, will Nietzsche's concept of tragedy shed some light for us?

The Pre-show Seminar of Mourning Becomes Electra is associated with the workshops Tragedy - The Modern Atreides and the Musical Body Workshop , Primitive Voice Workshop and the play Mourning Becomes Electra

Mr. Wong Kwok-kui

Mr. Tang Ho-wai

Mr. Chan Chu-hei



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