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2019.9.23 - 28
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$220, $160 (Full-time Students, Senior Citizens Aged 60 or Above with quota.)


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Theatre Horizon Presents

LUTING : Goodbye History, Hello Future

History has ended. How should Life go on?
Despair is like Hope, Both are Empty.

Luting : Goodbye History, Hello Future is the fifth part of the Century-old Dreams of A Fishing Harbour series. Having finished telling the history of Hong Kong, the eyes of our legendary merman Luting look at its future. After a massive protest, everyone is pondering a question: whence will Hong Kong go? To a utopian world of democracy, freedom and justice? Or to the abyss of repression, fear and despair. In turbulent and uncertain times, we should prepare for the future by imagining the best and the worst possible worlds.


Performance Elements

In Cantonese. Chinese and partially in Putonghua
English Subtitles available for reservation one week in advance.

Number of Performers 
Actors 5 male 4 female 1 child

1.5 hours 

Age 6 or above

Creative & Production Team

Artistic Director / Director / Actor
Don't You Hate

Gold Sting GG Bird

Composer Cat Elder
Choreographer & Producer
Comme brouillard comme fleur
Scenic Designer (Installation )

Johnson Baby
Scenic Designer (Lighting
tong shui chong chong
Costume Designer
Madam Hubby 3P

Scenic Designer (
Sous la tasse lumineuse
The Cast  
Little Green Vest

David David
Yuen Yeung
Dragon Girl from Sai Heung
Ah Gum#
Little Innocent Duckling
You Are Ah Hei
Your Thing Is Broken

Special Feature  Wai Lei
Production Manager
Kam Man Yuk Nei Ye Ng Ye
Stage Manager

Yokoyama Yui is the Best
Deputy Stage Manager
Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka
Assistant Stage Managers
Man Out of Order 
Assistant Producer  
Kidney-like But Not Quite
Graphic Designer
Smiling Proud Wanderer

To discover the true identities of the Production Team members, you may join the Telegram Channel of Luting: Goodbye History, Hello Future
(Please refer to the information in Chinese for the telegram usernames.)

#Supported by HKADC under the Drama Artistic Internship Scheme.
* Supported by HKADC under the Arts Administrative Internship Scheme.

 Our Special Thanks to
Leisure and Cultural Services Department.


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