2019.11.5   7:00pm


Phoenix Theatre
National Cheng Kung University,
Tainan City, Taiwan

Yun Ping Administrative Building,
No.1, University Road,
Tainan City 701, Taiwan


+852 5401 6768 (Theatre Horizon, HK)

Performance Elements 
Touring Repertoire  Theatre  Physical  Live Music Mask  Story-telling  Xiqu

English with occasional Cantonese, Putonghua and Hakka

Number of Performers
Actors  4 male 4 female
Musicians  2 

Minimum Stage Dimension
7.5m x 5m

Theatre Horizon's presentation at the 2019 Tainan International
Human Rights Festival


A mythical merman tribe in ancient Hong Kong, the Lu-tings is oppressed by another dominant culture. They learn the language of this culture and end up revolting against them. This is a touching story told in a theatre style encompassing dance, masks, live music and poetry, ‘reminding the audience of their own heritage.’ (The VileArts)

Theatre Horizon's creation of Lu-ting the Merman premiered in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2014. The company returned to Edfringe with a revised version in 2018 and won a 5-star review by the highly regarded review magazine, The List.

Review  (2018 Edinburgh)

The List | Stunning evocation of oppressed innocence / Gareth K. Vile 2018.8.19
// Telling the mythical story of a merman tribe, Theatre Horizon's charming yet emotive production is an elegant evocation of the nature of colonial oppression.… playful and polite, emotional grueling and compassionate. //

The List | On the fringe of psychic liberation: it's not all about stars and money / Gareth K. Vile 2018.8.24
// Every artist ... deserves a nod of the head, a mark of respect and a sharp reminder that the results are irrelevant. It's the bravery of doing that counts. //

Media Coverage  

The Culturist | 香港身份@愛丁堡國際藝穗節 失望不消極 絕處可逢生?【文化者‧現場】/ 小琳 2018.9.10

Review (2014 Edinburgh)  

The Vile Blog | The Lu-tings / Gareth Vile
// The story is told clearly and with passion, a charming introduction to a style of theatre that is equal parts poetry and dance: the political subtext is present but is never allowed to overwhelm the immediacy of the plot.//

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Creative & Production Team

   Wong Kwok-kui
Director  Chan Chu-hei
Composer   Chan Wai-fat
Choreographer,  Musician & Producer  Julia Mok
Mask Designer  Chen Ying-ching
Costume Design  
The Director & the cast
Lighting Designer, Musician
Fung Kwok-kee
The Cast
Lai Chai-ming*
Chiu Chin-hei
Ko Ki-yan
Chan Wing-shuen
Jumbo Lam
Kwok Siu-kit
Mak Chi-lok
Tse Bing-ying

Deputy Stage Manager
Oliver Man*

*Supported by HKADC under the Drama Artistic Internship Scheme.



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