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Dancers, actors and artists




Hiroshi Koike
Workshop to Explore Physical Sense through Time

Instructor: Hiroshi Koike

Hiroshi Koike's workshop aims not to develop participants’ techniques, but enhance the various physical senses by recognizing the sense of time in a body in various ways and enhancing it. Thus, this workshop is a great opportunity for all kinds of artists not only dancers or actors. Here is the detail description of the 5 days workshop to approach the goal:

1) Quick movement such as running or walking with themes to recognize the place,
2) Feeling rhythms in quick movement with various shifts in rhythms and creating a short image,
3) Adding words to the movement and integrating them,
4) 2 days of slow movement workshop, which is 100 times slower than the daily movement, to explore the wonder and possibilities of physical sense,
5) Combining quick and slow movements to enhance the physical senses with great variations, and
6) Framing those movements into 45 minutes or 1-hour piece to enable the participants to clearly feel the time flow.

Hiroshi Koike

Hiroshi is Director, writer, choreographer, and president of Performing Arts Institute.
Born in Hitachi city, Ibaraki prefecture, he graduated from Hitotsubashi University. He established the Performing Arts Group Pappa TARAHUMARA in 1982. Since then he has worked on the production, directing and choreography of all 55 works beyond genres such as drama, dance, art and music. In 2012, the following year of the big earthquake on 11th of March in Japan, he launched Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project, and has been working on collaborative projects with three ideas of education, dissemination and creation based on creativity. He has produced 13 works in various places in Asia until now.
His shows are presented in about 40 countries so far. There are many creative works with artists in the world, and he had many workshops in Japan and abroad for both professional artists and general public. He has served as an Artistic Director for Tsukuba Performing Arts Center, Asian Performing Arts Forum Chairperson, Committee Member of Japan Foundation (2005 - 2011). He published “Long Goodbye,” “Listen to the body,” and “What’s Performing Arts?” In 2018, he published his first collection book of his work “The Journey to the Night and the End of the World.”


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