2019.4.28 - 29, 5.1 (Sun, Mon, Wed)
7:00 - 10:00pm (4.28 - 29)
Tsuen Wan
2:30 - 5:30pm (5.1 Labour Day)
Aquaponics Farm, Ping Che Village, Ta Ku Ling




About Asian Theatre 5-Year Symbiosis 

In the natural world, there is a phenomenon: When a plant survives on its own, it seems small and pale. And when it lives amongst other plants, it thrives and flourishes. People call this kind of interdependence in the botanical world ‘symbiosis.’ In fact, in the human world, this also happens in communities and is a common phenomenon. Symbiosis happens in nature as well as in societies. In this system, any one party benefits from it much more than being alone, thus the equation “1+1>2.”

From 2018, Theatre Horizon plans to use 5 years’ time to search in Mainland China, Macao, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea for young and vibrant theatre groups with potentials to establish an Asian theatre symbiotic system to influence each other.


Drumming  Outdoor  Movement  Site-specific  Creativity 

Who is it for?
Individuals who are interested in performing arts 



Asian Theatre 5-Year Symbiosis - 2nd Year

Resonance with the Earth Drumming Workshop
- A Ten Bulls Workshop

Instructor: Huang Chih-lin (Taiwan)

The character「鼓」or drum means the sound of spring equinox. It also means land. In the evolution of man, the drum and the human are very close. Humans beat on drums and chant in life to express themselves. The participants of this workshop will be invited to start their journey with the sound of the drum. While breathing, let the heart be at the present, and slowly listen to the sound of the homeland.

Remembering the sound of the drumming during the fire dragon dance in Ping Che, Ta Kwu Ling, when combined with movement, by connecting your past history with the drumming at present, open new memory for new experiences, and resound with the earth.

The second year of Theatre Horizon's Asian Theatre 5-Year Symbiosis includes a site-specific theatre performance Ten Bulls, three workshops namely, Songwriting to Explore the Meaning of Home, Resonance with the Earth Drumming Workshop, and My Body My Home and post-performance talks.

Huang Chih-lin (Taiwan)





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