Wong Suet-ip Bonbon 黃雪燁
Guest Actress

Wong graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in 2016, and a major in acting. Now she is a freelance actor, singing coach and vocalist of the Epitaph. In recent years, she has been actively involved in judging of major singing competitions. In 2017, she won the best Vocal in the Hong Kong and Macao Youth Band Competition.

Wong received multiple scholarships during her studies in the Academy, including: Chung King Fai scholarship, Chair of School of Drama Scholarship, Fredric Mao Scholarship, Chiu Woon Scholarship, and Lam Lap-sam Scholarship.

She was named The Outstanding Actress for her performances in school productions Three Sisters, The Wilderness and The House of Bernarda Alba.

Her recent performances include The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui by Theatre Horizon, Principles by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Playing with the Xi Xi (Hong Kong and Taiwan) by Theater Ronin; The Rainbow Troops, an original musical by The Nonsensemakers, Darkness Love (rerun) by CULT Creation; Songs for A New World by Musical Trio.



Performed in Works by Theatre Horizon

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (2018)

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