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New Directors' Movement



Affiliated Activities

Puppetry and Object Theatre Workshop
9 to 13 Jan 2017

Super Physical Workshop with Makoto Matsushima - Why Move?
10 to 14 Apr 2017

Talk - The Relationship between Power, Temptation, the Selling of One's Soul and Modern Society.
23 Apr 2017





of the New Directors' Movement

Why does a man fall? Doctor Faustus sells his soul to the devil, wagering twenty-four years of his life in exchange for immortality and power. With the help of Mephistopheles the devil, Faustus is able to do whatever he wills, to foresee what others have no clue, and to perform what others cannot imagine, but unable to find peace. Though he tries to break away, there is no turning back from his eternal damnation. In this classic written by the renowned playwright, Christopher Marlowe, Faustus strives to surpass others but when confronted with the unknown, where can he find the final destination of his heart? This group of young artists examine the fixations and frenzies of Faustus, incorporating drama, music and dance, inviting the spectators to a journey of lusts and temptations of Faustus.


Date & Time

4 to 7 May 2017  8 p.m.
6 to 7 May 2017  3 p.m.
Venue Theatre, Sheung Wan Civic Centre
Language In Cantonese with English Surtitles
Ticket price $220 (Standard), $180 (Full-time students & Senior patrons aged 60 or above)

URBTIX Ticketing System.
From 10:00am on 12 April 2017, tickets are available for purchase at all URBTIX outlets, through URBTIX Internet Ticketing Service (+852 2111 5999) and mobile app. 

There are 40 URBTIX outlets all over Hong Kong.
2. Through Theatre Horizon (+852 3165 9394)
Enquiries +852 3165 9394 (Theatre Horizon )
+852 5401 6768 (WhatsApp)
Facebook Page: 
The Team  
Playwright Christopher Marlowe

Artistic Director, Acting and Directing Coach

Chan Chu-hei

Mentor Prof. Yip Ching Wah Francis


Chow Wai-chuen


Chan Tai-yin

Choreographer & Performer

Mak Cheuk-hung

Set and Costume Designer Chu Siu-ming
Lighting Designer Ting Leung-sun
Sound Designer Ng Chun-tung

Bing Leung Chung-hang, Chau Ka-lun, Chan Kong-hung, Poon Chun-ho, Lam Tsz-yuen, Ko Ki-yan, Lai Chai-ming*, Ivor Eric Houlker

Live Musicians Lawrence Lau Hiu-kong, Yeung Wan-fei
Producer Julia Mok
Assistant Producer: Mok Ka-yan^ 
Production Manager Wingo Chan
Stage Manager Libby Cheung
Deputy Stage Manager Judy Cheng+
Graphic Designer Lai Ying-ying
Photographer Henry Wong@Henry Wong Studio


* Supported by HKADC under the Drama Artistic Internship Scheme.
^ Supported by HKADC under the Arts Administration Internship Scheme.
Supported by HKADC under the Arts Production Internship Scheme.

New Directors' Movement

About New Directors’ Movement

The New Directors’ Movement is a two-year programme introduced by Theatre Horizon. Initiating in 2017, realized in four six-month stages, the programme is dedicated to the development of emerging directors.

In recent years, Hong Kong is enjoying an increase in the number of theatre productions. Many training programmes with aims to nurture local new playwrights and actors are being run. And yet new directors are constantly in short supply. In retrospect, there are only a handful of directors working on larger-scaled productions while new aspiring directors, lacking opportunities, can only work as assistant directors or direct studio theatre works. This was why New Directors’ Movement came into being, providing a platform to prepare new directors, giving them opportunities to produce theatrical classics in medium-sized theatres.

Four emerging directors are presented in this programme. They get to choose their own teams of young performers and designers to delve into these rich classics and work on them over a long period of time. With the guidance of relevant mentors and workshops, the young directors are to establish their own style and present their works in public performances. On top of that, in each stage, there are two workshops conducted by experienced artists from overseas and a talk, provided as nourishment to the young artists. Besides developing new directors, this programme also introduces theatrical classics to the Hong Kong public.

There are two workshops affiliated with Faustus. They are
Puppetry and Object Theatre Workshop and
Super Physical Workshop with Makoto Matsushima - Why Move?


'New Directors' Movement' is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The contents of this programme does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

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