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Theatre Horizon's The Century-old Dreams of a Fishing Harbour Trilogy which started in 2014 has now come to its last episode "The Awakening." This episode will run from 21 February to 2 March for 10 shows. If you are wondering how Luting survives in an ever-changing surroundings such as ours, please do not miss this episode! Only a hundred tickets will be sold for each show. Reserve in advance!


Peer Gynt of the New Directors' Movement will be presented  by Theatre Horizon at the Multimedia Theatre of HKICC School of Creativity from 14 December. Check out our website for more details.


Les Justes de Camus is one of the productions under the Walking with Up-and-Coming Directors Scheme, one of the two schemes dedicated to supporting new directors. The play will be on from 23 June onwards at Horizon Theatre. Please visit our webpage.


The two-year development programme of New Directors' Movement of Theatre Horizon spans from 2016 to 2018. During these two years, four aspiring directors take turns to stage their theatrical classics on a medium-sized theatre. Our first play will be Faustus by Christopher Marlowe. Please show your support!


Beyond the Horizon, from which our company got its name, will be staged at N2 of Cattle Depot Artist Village from 22 to 31 March. This heart-rendering classic by Eugene O'Neill will be directed by Chan Chu-hei. Sponsored by LCSD, this play has a cast of wonderful actors, seasoned and up-and-coming. There is no reason not to go to see it! Tickets are available at Urbtix. For more details, visit our webpage.

Theatre Horizon will be staging this site-specific theatrical work, The Black and the Blue of a Man, at the beautiful mural village of Ping Che from 22 October to 6 November.  You may stay behind after the show to taste the Hakka poon-choy prepared by the villages. Check out our website!

We are very honoured to have corresponded with the author of Dear Yelena Sergeevna, Miss Liudmila Razumovskaia who granted us performance rights to perform this wonderful play. Dear Yelena Sergeevna is the first play of the series, "Walking with Up-and-coming Directors Scheme 2015-16," with Sam Tang Ho-wai directing. Six shows are scheduled from 24 June, 2016. Please go to 

Century-old Dreams of a Fishing Harbour, Episode II. Nightmares opens today, putting on ten shows over ten days at Unit 12 of Cattle Depot Artist Village.

Theatre Horizon is joining the 4th Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival with The Garden Party (North-east Village Version) by Vaclav Havel, ex-president of the Czech Republic. The four performances will take place in Ping Che. 

Seek and Hide is a new work of Theatre Horizon to introduce new faces in the theatre to the public. We were fortunate to have a full house in our closing night.




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