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Theatre Horizon Presents

The First Night
by Shinehouse Theatre (Taipei)

Li-Fang Du grew up in an one parent family. Despite her mother's disagreement, she dropped out from school to work in order to take care of her mother and her younger sister, Li-Sing. A few years later, she built up her career in China, but also left a conflict with her mother; the younger sister, who shares every conversation with Li-Fang, found herself stuck between her two closest family members.

The sudden death of mother forces the oldest sister to hurry back home and rejoin with her younger sister. This is the last night of their time with mother, as well as the first night of losing their mother.

“The First Night” is a production by Shinehouse Theatre, staged as an apartment, in which the audience can watch the performance in a close-up distance, “as if we walk into a stranger's home,” and have a glance on the sister's bittersweet memory.


Show Details 
Performance Date 17 to 19 Feb 2017 (Fri to Sun)
Time 8:00 p.m.
Venue Horizon Theatre
Location 2nd Floor, 71-73 Bedford Road, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon (Map)
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Language Putonghua
Ticket Price $150 (Standard), $120  (Full-time Students)
*This price includes a one-time membership fee.
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Equiries +852 5476 4564 (Theatrefest box office)
+852 3165 9394 (Theatre Horizon)

The Team



Founded in 2006, Taipei's Shinehouse Theatre creates each of its production in an attempt to reflect contemporary society as well as document our present environment. Its production mainly involves social awareness, and focuses on local issues as it is long based in the WanHua District. For example, “Monga Trilogy” involves a half-year-long weekly street interview with local homeless and sex workers, documenting their life stories, seeking the truth beyond standard stereotype impressions, and eventually led to a trilogy production. Through performances, Shinehouse Theatre learns more about our living land, brings theatre to the ordinary life, and unifies people from different communities. In its Armageddon Trilogy, with a theme of cultural invasion, a raid towards the underground world is presented, with discussions on aggression of dominant cultures, civil rights, personal relationship with the society, and various aspects of humanity. Shinehouse Theatre also seeks expansion abroad recently, receiving routine invitations from various international arts festival, including Shanghai Contemporary Drama Festival, Bangkok International Theatre Festival, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Festival and many others. It also seeks cooperation between different artists. Shinehouse Theatre strikes for pieces that are cross-lingual and cross-cultural, bringing audiences with different backgrounds toward the same movement as our common life trajectories under the power of theatre.



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