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Theatre Horizon Presents
Made in Macau 2.0》
by Rolling Puppets (Macao)

Storytelling x Puppets and Obects x Documentary Theatre
Made in Macau 2.0 is about personal history in Macau*, the last European colony in continental Asia. The city had been handed over from Portugal to China as Special Administrative Region since 1999. By reviving intimate family memories and confronting present reality, the artists quest the changing identity of Macao* as a cultural hybrid, her enormous political and economic transformations, and their effects on the local ideology through serious and comic scenes as well as puppets and objects.

*Macau is Portuguese spelling, while Macao is English which is being used after 1999.


Show Details 
Performance Date 3 to 4 February, 2017 (Thu to Sun)
Time 8:00 p.m.
Venue Water Margin Theatre
Location 4th Floor, 78 Larch Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon (Map)
Language Mostly English and some Cantonese
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Ticket Price $150 (Standard), $120  (Full-time Students)
*This price includes a one-time membership fee.
Payment Please refer to Payment Method.
By credit card -
By bank transfer - Please fill in the form below to reserve through Theatre Horizon.
Enquiries +852 5476 4564 (Theatrefest box office)
+852 3165 9394 (Theatre Horizon)

The Team


Rolling Puppet

Being the first Chinese professional Puppet and Alternative Theatre group in Macao, ROLLING PUPPET strives to promote the art form of Puppetry and Alternative Theatre through theatre performances, art education, publication and medias. By cooperating and bridging artists and organisations from different fields, we explore new possibilities in pushing the boundary in creativity. We work as a platform for Macao Puppetry Arts, and provide channels for puppet lovers to get connected to the world.

Our Beliefs

We explore innovative ways in performance-making, among which Puppet and Object are elements that we are passionate with as a creative media. To recall the meaning of everyday objects around, we strive to discover the possibilities to transform objects and structure into metaphors in theatre.

We believe that it can stimulate imagination and inspire thinking. Through reinterpretations of these daily seen objects and situations, we stretch out to examine our society and self-identity in a metaphorical level.

The Founders

Rolling Puppet Alternative Theatre was founded by Teresa Lam, Kevin Chio and Carole Sio in 2013. Artistic Director Teresa Lam and Executive Director Kevin Chio obtained their Masters Degrees in "Directing in Puppet and Alternative Theatre" and "Art Management" in Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic; while Technical Director Carole Sio is an experienced Stage Manager for years.


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