2015.1.1 - 1.10   8:30pm
Water Margin Theatre, Horizon Art Space

$120 (Standard), $100 (Full-time Student)







Performance Elements
Theatre  Physical Theatre  Live Music

English with occasional Cantonese and Putonghua

Number of Performers
Actors  4 Male 4 Female
Musicians  2 

Theatre Horizon Presents

Hong Kong Version

Around 2000 years ago, in the area around the Yellow River and the Yangtze River, at the time when brutal fighting broke out among the warlords, there lived on this strip of land at the southern tip, a half-man, half-fish merpeople called the Lu-tings. For thousands of years, they have been living like this, listening to the waves thrashing on the rocks, as if this was all there was - the sound of the waves and a few lonesome crabs scurrying on the beach in the moonlight. One day the immigrants arrived and they were so oppressed that they revolted which ended in a violent repression and genocide.

This is a story of the mythical ancestors of Hong Kong.

Theatre Horizon's creation of The Lu-Tings premiered in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August, 2014. It was highly regarded by the local audience and critics alike. The Lu-Tings was chosen to be one of 30 theatre performances to be archived at the National Library of Scotland by the Fringe Performance Archive.


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Review of Premiere

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Production Team

Playwright   Wong Kwok-kui
Director Chan Chu-hei
Composer / Musician 
Chan Wai-fat
Choreographer / Musician 
Julia Mok
Costume Designers  
Director & the Cast
Lighting Designer
Fung Kwok-kee

The Cast 
Vincent Chiu    Wong Kwok-kei
Yeung Man-sze     Hui Chun-pong
Ho Kin-man   Ho Hong-man
Au Tsz-fei   Leung Ka-chun
Stage Manager  Cheung Wai-ting
Assistant Stage Manager  Oliver Man
Producer  To Yik-ling
Graphic Designer  To Wing-kei


Past Dates

Nov 2021 Tainan International Human Rights Festival
 (In putonghua) 
Edinburgh Festival Fringe
 (In English) 
2015 Hong Kong Version
 (In English) 
Edinburgh Festival Fringe
 (In English) 





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