Performance Dates

2016.3.4 - 13    8pm
Unit 12, Cattle Depot Artist Village

$150 (Standard), $130 (Full-time students & Senior Citizens aged 60 or above.)

Performance Elements
Theatre  movement  live music  video

Cantonese  Putonghua  English  Japanese  Korean  Taiwanese

A mobile surtitles service is available.

Number of Performers
Actors 9 male 6 female 
Musician 4


This programme is sponsored by Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Theatre Horizon Presents

Century-old Dreams of a Fishing Harbour -
Episode II. Nightmares

While you dislike the history given to you by someone else, why not create your own?

Being the second part of a trilogy, Century-old Dreams of A Fishing Harbour - Episode II. Nightmares, continues to have the mythical merman figure Luting as the protagonist to tell the story of Hong Kong between 1941 and 1997, from Japanese occupation, Young Plan, 67 riot, Sino-British negotiation, Tiananmen Massacre, political reform, to the handover. It begins with the entrance of one army, and ends with the entrance of another.
In the eyes of a fish, the mess of history seems to be much simpler. Yet in the process the head of a fish has also evolved into the head of a human being. While the world around him is changing rapidly, has Luting ever realized that he should take his fate into his own hands? How has he realized it? Why hasn’t he? What chances has he squandered?


British actor, Nicholas Atkinson, won the Outstanding Actor Award of the 8th Hong Kong Theatre Libre with his performance in Century-old Dreams of a Fishing Harbour Ep.II. Nightmares.  2016.5.11


IATC (HK) | 一切(盧亭)歷史都是當代史——《漁港夢百年》第二部曲後的本土懸念 / 鄧正健  2016.3.22

輔仁媒體 | 《漁港夢百年》編劇黃國鉅︰港人主體意識覺醒,需思考本土自決論述 / 黃億文  2016.3.9

Standnews | 港人的夢醒時分 — 看《漁港夢百年》的反思 / 家厘   2016.3.9

Hong Kong Free Press | The story of Hong Kong identity 1841-2017, told through physical theatre / Elson Tong   2016.3.8

Media / Interview   

香港電台 | 《好想藝術》從新 | 本土議題劇場 編導:葉啟良  2016.3.29

端傳媒 | 《漁港夢百年》第二部曲 ─ 「盧亭」的香港故事:歷史在民族與民主間如何擺動 / 王菡   2016.3.7  

EJ Insight | Hong Kong identity from a merman’s perceptive 2016.3.5

信報 | 人魚遺孤 思考香港身份 / 卡夫卡 2016.3.3


British actor, Nicholas Atkinson was named Outstanding Male Actor by the 8th Hong Kong Theatre Libre for his performance in Century-old Dreams of a Fishing Harbour, Episode II. Nightmares. 


Chan Chu Hei, Director, was nominated for Best Director by the 8th Hong Kong Theatre Libre.

Production Team

Consultant Dr. Law Wing-sang
Playwright Wong Kwok-kui  
Director  Chan Chu-hei
Guest Performers Makoto Matsushima Wong Lam   Emotion Cheung   Nicholas Atkinson   Yuen Che-hung (Uncle Hung)
Performers Wong On-ting, Ada   Wong Chun-ho   Pamela Sze   Ko Ki-yan   He Hsin-lu   Max Lee   Mok Ka-yan Mocha
Lam Yin-ting   Yuen Hau-wing   Marcus Wu
Composer / Musician Chan Wai-fat
Choreographer / Producer Julia Mok
Set Designer  Jan Wong
Costume Designer   Ida Mak
Lighting Designer / Musician   Fung Kwok-Kee Gabriel
Sound Designer   Anthony Yeung
Videographer   William Kwok
Musicians   John Lee Bunn

Production Manager Amum Chan
Stage Manager Libby Cheung
Deputy Stage Manager Man Sing-yau  
Assitant Stage Manager Leung Chit-yee  
Researcher  Angel Chan
Graphic Designer Lai Ying-ying

Supported by HKADC under the Arts Administration Internship Scheme

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