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Walking with Up-and-Coming Directors Scheme 2016-17

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Number of Performers
Actors  3 male 2 female   

Theatre Horizon Presents
Walking with Up-and-coming Director Scheme 2016-17
Les Justes de Camus

We are not part of this world ...
We are the Just Ones.

Take a look at our world. Where are the revolutions?

The moment when we came to this world, naked, the world was already formed.  Strange things were there waiting for this innocent little angel. Young one, where is the revolution?
Try as we may to prepare ourselves and be together as one, who would have thought what price we have to pay for our love!

The story of 'Les Justes de Camus' takes place in an unknown nation. With a corrupt regime, revolutionary socialists organize terror attacks in order to put a quick end to tyranny and to give freedom and justice to the people.

A group of young intellectuals take on the future of the nation, gazing at Utopia in the distance, only to find the real price they have to pay is just gazing back at them.

Can we of the present day understand what this price means?

About Albert Camus

Albert Camus. French novelist, philosopher, dramatist and soccer player. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1957. His works often take on the form of a trilogy, 'novel + philosophic essay + play.' With his emphasis on humanitarianism, Camus' philosophy often stemmed from real life experiences, confronting the ridiculous world. During the second world war, he joined an anti-nazi underground organization. Someone once asked Camus which one he would choose, philosophy or soccer. He answered undoubtedly, soccer.

Production Team

Artistic Director, Acting
& Directing Coach

Chan Chu Hei

Playwright  Albert Camus (France)
Translator Eugenia Chow
Adaptation The cast
Director Donald Chung
Set & Costume Designer Yue Fung Kit
Lighting Designer Elmo Law
Sound Designer Man Kai Hei
Actors  Boing Yuen, Ko Ki Yan
Mok Ka Yan*, Henry Chan
Lai Chai Ming+
Deputy Stage Manager Judy Cheng*
Producer Julia Mok
Assistant Producer Mok Ka Yan^
Graphic Designer Lai Ying Ying

*Supported by HKADC under the Arts Production Internship Scheme.
Supported by HKADC under the Drama Artistic Internship Scheme.
 Supported by HKADC under the Arts Administration Internship Scheme

Donald Chung, the up-and-coming director.

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