2019.5.11, 12, 18, 19 4:30pm
Vistors' Centre of Tak Kwu Ling/ Ping Che Alliance for 'saving our home' [Map] and
Aquaponics Farm, Ping Che Village, Ta Kwu Ling

How to get there?

In front of the Exit C of Fanling MTR Station, take the minibus route no. 52K to Ping Che and get off at Kau Kee Store. Take the Ping Yuen Road where you can see the banner of Ten Bulls until you another sign that leads you to the venue.

$180, $130 ((Full-time Students, Senior Citizens Aged 60 or Above with quota.)

Post-performance Hakka Poonchoy
Reservation in advanced for spectators only. Poonchoy dinner will be served in the village. Please make enquiries with the company.


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Performance Elements
戲Theatre   live music  drumming  singing  dancing  site-specific theatre story-telling    immersive theatre

In Cantonese and Putonghua

Number of Performers
4 Male 5 Female 

2hours40 minutes  

Age 6 or above

Asia Theatre 5-Year Symbiosis
Symbiotic Partner:
Möbius Strip Theatre (Taiwan)

- In Search of Hidden Treasures

"It has never been lost. What need is there to search?"

With the starting point in Ping Che, Fanling, Ten Bulls guide the audience through the stories of the Pictures of Ten Bulls of Zen Buddhism. The spectators are going to walk through the rural villages of the New Territories, to embark on a journey in search of hidden bulls.

The Pictures of Ten Bulls came from the Zen master Kakuan. He made use of ten pictures and corresponding poems to illustrate the story of an oxherd entering the woods to seach for his missing bull.

In life, sometimes we are confused and we search and may become confused because of the searching. We search and chase all over the place. What do we find in the end?

The Ten Bulls are

One - In search of the Bull
Two - Discovering footprints
Three - Perceiving the Bull
Four - Catching the Bull
Five - Taming the Bull
Six - Riding the Bull home
Seven - The Bull transcends
Eight - Both Bull and Self transcend
Nine - Reaching the Source
Ten - In the World

The second year of Theatre Horizon's Asian Theatre 5-Year Symbiosis includes a site-specific theatre performance Ten Bulls, three workshops namely, Songwriting to Explore the Meaning of Home, Resonance with the Earth Drumming Workshop, and My Body My Home and post-performance talks.


Concept / Symbiotic Partner 
öbius Strip Theatre (Taiwan)

Text  A collective creation

Production / Creative Team

Artistic Director  Chan Chu-hei
Creative Consultant  Alex Cheung+
Tang Ho-wai
Drumming Coach & Performer 
Huang Chih-lin (Taiwan)
Lee Tsz-kin
Movement Coach & Performer
Chen Po-ting (Taiwan)
Lin Hsiu-chin (Taiwan)
Sound Designer  
Lawrence Lau
Performed by   Chiu Chin-hei
Man-wai Fok
Ko Ki-yan
Lai Chai-ming
Lam Ka-bo
Stage Manager 
 Man Sing-yau
Assistant Stage Manager  
Erica Lau   Lo Chi-kin'

  Julia Mok
Administrative Officer of

Möbius Strip Theatre
Huang Pin-chen
Assistant to Producer   Lam Hok-yin*
Graphic Designer   Noite
Calligrapher   Kenneth Mok

+The Drama Artistic Internship Scheme is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council
* The Arts Administration Internship Scheme is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council
' The Arts Production Internship Scheme is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Möbius Strip Theatre (Taiwan)

"Möbius Strip" symbolizes the never-endingness once a circle is started. The strip enables endless possibilities, combining the past and the present, the East and the West, seeing limitlessness from a  limited position. Möbius Strip Theatre is a platform to realize the concept of the möbius strip. Centred around people, the company builds a co-learning, co-creating, and co-existing platform on which everyone can participate in art.

Möbius Strip Theatre was established in 2005 in Taipei. The Co-Artistic Directors, Alex Cheung (Hong Kong) and Huang Chih-lin (Taiwan) aim to create cross-media platforms, introducing different artists of different countries, generations and upbringing to each other, combining theatre, music, movement and visual art. Apart from independent works, the company devises theatre works of various styles spanning from traditional to contemporary to reflect on life and humanity.


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