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Who is it for?
Individuals who are interested in performing arts

Putonghua / Mandarin


Asian Theatre 5-Year Symbiosis - 2nd Year
Symbiotic Partner:
Möbius Strip Theatre (Taiwan)

Songwriting to Explore the Meaning of Home - Ten Bulls Workshop

Instructor: Lin Hsiu-chin (Taiwan)

By learning the tribal songs, the participants get to express their sense of belonging towards their habitat, the nature and the land.

In this workshop, by means of cultural exchange between the two shores, the participants will experience the spirit of tribal singing. They will learn about the rules, the rhythm, the emotions and improvise the songs together, to have an understanding of the tribal people's terminology and their ways of singing through improvisation. Through singing, we hope to promote the beauty of the tribal cultural.

The second year of Theatre Horizon's Asian Theatre 5-Year Symbiosis includes a site-specific theatre performance Ten Bulls, three workshops namely, Songwriting to Explore the Meaning of Home, Resonance with the Earth Drumming Workshop, and My Body My Home and post-performance talks.

Lin Hsiu-chin

Former U-Theatre veteran drummer & singer.
Principle participant of "Old Drummer Project"
Current core member and singer of Möbius Strip Theatre

An Amis of Taiwan, former U-Theatre performer, Lin has been involved in the performing arts for over 20 years. Apart from having solid physical training for theatre, she also works in theatre, movement and songwriting. Lin was brought up in the city. Feeling severed from her cultural roots, she started to trace back to them with her songs and by living amongst the tribal elders.  She also travelled to the Himalayas and to the Malaysian islands to visit the  indigenous tribes to learn their songs. When she returned to Hualian, she recorded her conversations with the old villagers, learning the traditional arts in order to find her lost roots.


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