World Premiere



2021.4.2 (F) 8:00pm
2021.4.3 - 4.4  (S, Su)
3:00 pm & 8:00pm
Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC)
Black Box Theatre
30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon


$250, *$160 (Full-time Students, Senior Citizens Aged 60 or Above, Citizens with Disabilities & the Minder with quota)

Performance Elements
Movement  Theatre  Dance  Video     

Cantonese with some English and Japanese with Chinese and English subtitles.

Number of Performers
5 Actors 3 Actresses 1 Musician

1 hour 45 minutes  

Foul language and some obscenities

Children under 6 years of age will not be admitted.

The 3rd Year of
Asian Theatre 5-Year Symbiosis


In 2042, a group of 25-year-old babies are abandoned in a land they never called home. They then set out to seek for a memory they never owned!

In the year 2042, the characters of this story are travelers traversing the world. They are all people who have lost their homes which they can vaguely remember.

The world above ground is one with fleeting images and all sorts of frivolous entertainment. Whereas in the underworld, these people who have no past are being trained by Mr. Shin who teaches them how to march, how to discipline themselves, how to eat and how to sleep......

They neither have any identities nor the past. 5 years of memory is all they have but when the truth is near, and they are about to leave the underworld, their every move is under surveillance.

The third year of Theatre Horizon's Asian Theatre 5-Year Symbiosis includes a performance 2042 Journey to World Nostalgia, a 5-day workshop, Makoto Matsushima Movement Improv Skills Online Workshop,  and post-performance talks.


Concept / Symbiotic Partner 
Koike Bridge Project (Japan)

Playwright, Co-Director & Choreographer
Hiroshi Koike (Japan)
Curator & Co-Director
Chan Chu-hei

Composer & Live Musician

Chan Ting-cheung
Set & Costume Designer & Videographer  William Kwok
Lighting Designer
Kwok Pui-yan
Sound Designer   Ursa Ho

Special Distancing Performer
Makoto Matsushima
Performers  Chiu Lo-yin
Ko Ki-yan
Lai Chai-ming

Max Lee Kin-wai
Mak Chi-lok
Tung Chung-can
Wong Suet-ip

Rehearsal Assistant and Actress 
She Lok-in# 

Production Manager  
Thomas Lau Hon-wah
Deputy Stage Manager
Chan Lok-sze
Julia Mok
Assistant Stage Managers 
Leung Hei-wa, Lau Sai-wai
Chan Chun-ming, Chu Po-yin
Leung Yuk-sing
Assistants to Producer
Leung Suet-yin* 
Alice Ho Pui-lam*
Stage Crew 
Chan Chun-ming
Chu Po-yin
Oliver Man
Graphic Designer 
Liu Ka-lam


# Supported by HKADC under the 7th Drama Artistic Internship Scheme.
* Supported by HKADC under the Arts Administrative Internship Scheme.
+ The Arts Production Internship Scheme is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council



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