2021.4.16, 17 (五、六)
2021.4.23-25 (五至日)
7:30 - 9:30pm
Theatre Horizon Artspace
Location: Wing Hong St, Cheung Sha Wan  (Lai Chi Kok MTR)

Tuition Fees

Studio Participation   $2000
Home Participation    $1500


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Workshop Elements
Movement  Improv  Improvisaation  Creativity

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Professional performers rank high on priority list

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The 3rd Year of Asian Theatre 5-Year Symbiosis

Makoto Matsushima Movement Improv Skills Online Workshop

Makoto Matsushima (Japan)

“In real improv, every moment is born at this moment. Now. No preparation.”

What makes Makoto's high-speed, precise, playful, physical movement so spell-binding? How does each present moment move together? The system with which Makoto has been working in improvisation, namely Funktionen, not only challenges the body but also stimulates the brain. How do we understand and digest the information we get in a fraction of a second and transform it into physical movement? This workshop allows the participant to join in a studio of Theatre Horizon or even at home. The instructor will conduct the workshop remotely in Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan by Zoom.

This workshop explores the concept of Funktionen or Functions. It works with physical limitations to induce the actor's body to discover new movements. It also strengthens the actor's consciousness of his behaviour, so that the actor can attain a unity in the body and mind in performance. It also serves as a catalyst to shorten the reaction time towards changes.

Each section of this workshop lasts two hours which makes the entire workshop 10 hours long. The workshop will take place in two weekends. All participants are required to attend in attire suitable for big movements, with bare feet and a mask as a prevention of Covid-19.

The third year of Theatre Horizon's Asian Theatre 5-Year Symbiosis includes a performance 2042 Journey to World Nostalgia, a 5-day workshop, Makoto Matsushima Movement Improv Skills Online Workshop,  and post-performance talks.


Makoto Matsushima is a graduate of the Nihon University College of Art. He launched his stage career with the Japanese dance theatre company Pappa TARAHUMARA while he was still a student, and has won critical acclaim for his performances both in television and on stage. From1995, Matsushima began creating his own pieces, working both as choreographer and dancer. In 1997, he performed in Zuni Icosahedron’s production Invisible Cities. He has toured Aia, Europe, and the U.S. with Pappa TARAHUMARA, and participated in its Hong Kong production of Spring Day (Haruhiru) in 1998. The following year, he choreographed and performed in Thunder and Lightning, a production by Edward Lam Dance Theatre, for the Hong Kong Arts Festival. Matsushima has been the artist-in-residence at Zuni Icosahedron, and collaborated with many Hong Kong’s local artists in addition to giving solo performances of his works. He is also active in the areas of set design and fine-art works. He was Professor at Korea National University of Arts in 2008, 2010 and recently in 2018.

Makoto appeared in Theatre Horizon's 2018 production of the trilogy, ‘Century-old Dreams of a Fishing Harbour Episode II Nightmares’ as guest performer.




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