3rd Year
2042 Journey to World Nostalgia
Co-Directed by 
Hiroshi Koike (Japan)
& Chan Chu Hei
ymbiotic Partner:  
Koike Bridge Project (Japan)
2021.4.2 - 4
Black Box Theatre
Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

Theatre Horizon Presents

Asian Theatre 5-year Symbiosis

In the natural world, there is a phenomenon: When a plant survives on its own, it seems small and pale. And when it lives amongst other plants, it thrives and flourishes. People call this kind of interdependence in the botanical world ‘symbiosis.’ In fact, in the human world, this also happens in communities and is a common phenomenon. Symbiosis happens in nature as well as in societies. In this system, any one party benefits from it much more than being alone, thus the equation “1+1>2.”

From 2018, Theatre Horizon plans to use 5 years’ time to search in Mainland China, Macao, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea for young and vibrant theatre groups with potentials to establish an Asian theatre symbiotic system to influence each other. During this time, Theatre Horizon would invite an independent theatre artist or an artist who belongs to an art group to come to Hong Kong to co-operate with local theatre artists and young theatre professionals. Together they will use a considerable amount of time to create a theatre work and stage it in Hong Kong. At the same time, around the time of the performance, workshops and seminars will be organized. Experienced artists, critics or scholars will be invited to discuss each theatre piece and to explore the possibilities of symbiosis in Asia. We also hope to bring the work to perform in the origin of the artist, seeking opportunities to put it on the stages of theatre festivals such as The Macao City Fringe, Taipei Festival Fringe or Seoul Fringe.

2nd Year
Ten Bulls

Directed by
Tang Ho-wai
(Hong Kong)
Symbiotic Partner:
öbius Strip Theatre (Taiwan)
Vistors' Centre of Tak Kwu Ling/ Ping Che Alliance for 'saving our home'


1st Year

Directed by
Lam Teng Teng (Macao)

Symbiotic Partner:  Rolling Puppets Alternative Theatre (Macao)
2018.7.17 - 21
Studio Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity


Activities at a glance      
Theatre Works      
Ten Bulls
Director: Tang Ho-wai (Hong Kong)
2019.5.11,12,18,19 4:30pm
Vistors' Centre of Tak Kwu Ling/ Ping Che Alliance for 'saving our home'
Director: Lam Teng Teng
2018.7.17 - 21
Studio Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
Songwriting to Explore the Meaning of Home
Instructor: Lin Hsiu-chin (Taiwan)
2019.4.19 - 21  7:30pm
Luting Theatre
Resonance with the Earth Drumming Workshop
Instructor: Huang Chih-lin (Taiwan)2019.4.28, 29  7:00pm; 5.1  2:30pm
Tsuen Wan / Aquaponics Farm, Ping Che Village, Ta Kwu Ling
My Body My Home
Instructor: Chen Po-ting (Taiwan)
2019.5.14 - 17  7:30pm
Luting Theatre
Hiroshi Koike
Workshop to Explore Physical Sense through Time

Instructor: Hiroshi Koike (Japan)
2019.2.1 - 5  7:30pm
Luting Theatre
Ten Bulls Seminar Drug Seminar    

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