Chan Wing-shuen 陳頴璇
Guest Actress

Chan Wing-shuen, actress, also known as Boat.  .

Graduated from the School of Drama, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, with a major in Acting, Shuen is currently a freelancer collaborating with many theatre companies and groups. She likes to dig deep into characters of various stories to explore the new me in every moment.

Recently, Shuen was awarded Outstanding Leading Actress by the 10th Hong Kong Theatre Libre for her portrayal of Lu-ting, the protagonist in Century-old Dreams of a Fishing Harbour Episode III. The Awakening. She was nominated Distinct Actress by the Hong Kong Theatre Libre for her performance in The Path Together by Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong. Her other works include Luting : Goodbye History, Hello Future, Requiem, Lu-ting the Merman (Tainan & Edinburgh),  Drug, Peer Gynt, The Black and the Blue of a Man (North-east Village Edition) by Theatre Horizon; Pool (no water) by On-and-on Theatre Workshop, Roads to Chicken Pie by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, The Furies Variations by Rooftop Productions and The Story of Leaping Fish by Wedraman. Her school productions include The Blue Bird and The House of Bernarda.


Performed in Works by Theatre Horizon

Lu-ting the Merman (South Korea live broadcast) (2020)
Lu-ting the Merman (Tainan) (2019)
Luting : Goodbye History, Hello Future (2019)
Requiem  (2019)
Lu-ting the Merman (Edinburgh Revisit) (2018)
Drug (2018)
Century-old Dreams of a Fishing Harbour Ep.III 'The Awakening" (2018)
Peer Gynt (2017)
The Black and the Blue of a Man (North-east Vilage Edition) (2016)

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