Ko Ki-yan  高棋炘
Guest Actress

A free-lance theatre actress and theatre educator, Ko Ki-yan graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a major in Acting and a BFA (Honours) degree. She was awarded Outstanding Actress twice and numerous scholarships during her studies at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. She worked at Theatre Horizon as a resident trainee actress from 2016 to 2017. In 2020, she co-founded the company Nobodies' Theatre.

Her recent creative works were One in All All in One by Nobodies’ Theatre, Madam Sew - prequel(Online) by Fantasy Puppet Theatre, Prison Holiday co-created by Lai and Mok. Her major appearances include 2042 Journey to World Nostalgia, Luting : Goodbye History, Hello Future, Ten Bulls, Requiem, Lu-ting The Merman (2018 Edinburgh Fringe), Drug, Century-old Dreams of a Fishing Harbour Episodes II and III, Les Justes de Camus, Faustus, Beyond the Horizon, The Black and the Blue of a Man (North-east Village Edition), The Garden Party and Seek and Hide by Theatre Horizon. She also performed in Let’s talk about TaiO by ProjectTaiO, Midnight Angels by Poor Guy Diary, Killing Time by K.O. the Box, 1894 Hong Kong Plague - a Musical by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre and the bilingual musical The Animal Farm by Theatre Noir.

During her school years, she performed in The Blue Bird, Musical Cabaret 2014-15, Happy Family and Invisible Cities. 

She also teaches in primary and secondary schools and acting courses for young people.



Performed in Works by Theatre Horizon

The Falsetto Girls (2021)
2042 Journey to World Nostalgia (2021)
Lu-ting the Merman (South Korea live broadcast) (2020)
Lu-ting the Merman (Tainan) (2019)
Luting : Goodbye History, Hello Future (2019)
Ten Bulls  (2019)
Requiem  (2019)
Lu-ting the Merman (Edinburgh Revisit) (2018)
Drug (2018)
Century-old Dreams of a Fishing Harbour Ep.III 'The Awakening" (2018)
Les Justes de Camus  (2017)
Faustus (2017)
Beyond the Horizon (2017)
The Black and the Blue of a Man (North-east Vilage Edition) (2016)
Century-old Dreams of a Fishing Harbour, Ep.II 'Nightmares' (2016)
The Garden Party (North-east Village Edition) (2015)
Seek And Hide (2015)

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