Wong Yat-hei, Willis  黃逸熹
Guest Actor

Hong Kong performer and drama educator.

Willis is currently a master degree candidate at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Drama and Theatre Education majored).

After joining the Drama Club since secondary school, Willis has performed as actor with different local amateur groups. Since 2010, Willis has started to participate in professional productions of drama companies such as Theatre Horizon, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Whole Theatre, etc.
Apart from his acting career, Willis is also a drama educator since 2012, working along with different schools and communities. He is also a member of a local playback theatre group "Happening Theatre".



Performed in Works by Theatre Horizon

Lu-ting the Merman (Edinburgh Revisit) (2018)
Drug (2018)
The Garden Party (North-east Village Edition) (2015)

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