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Ticket reservation is very simple at Theatre Horizon. You may reserve via WhatsApp, email or by leaving a message at our Facebook page. All you need to do is to tell us your name in full, your telephone number, the show you wish to attend and the number of tickets you need. Our staff will contact you and inform you about the methods of payment.

Theatre Horizon Ticketing  +852 5401 6768

Methods of Payment

The methods of payment vary with shows. Here is a link for general information:

Please contact us for information regarding workshops.

Tickets make Awesome Gifts

Each theatre performance is a unique experience for each audience member as well as company member. Please cherish each rendezvous, but if unforeseen circumstances prevent you from attending, you may consider doing one the followings:

1. Give your ticket to a friend to share this theatre experience with him or her;
2. Notify us 48 hours before the performance so we can resell it for you and have your money back should it be successful;
3. Notify us 48 hours before the performance to donate it as a 'Gift Voucher' for someone who needs it.

Ticket Collection

Patrons who made reservations may collect their tickets at the theatre entrance 30 minutes before the performance. In case of a site-specific performance, patrons must reserve and pay for their tickets in advance. At the designated show time, our staff would call the late-comers to make sure they are on their way and that they did not encounter problems during their journeys.

Waiting List and Return Tickets Policy

When a show is full, Theatre Horizon may announce the arrangement of waiting lists. Patrons who wish to be put on the waiting list may be notified of return tickets before the performance. However, we suggest that patrons who have not landed a ticket may show up in person half an hour before the show, After all the ticket-holders are seated, we will count the number of seats available to have the patrons on the waiting lists seated.

Therefore, it is strongly advised that patrons do not be late for performances.


  The Falsetto Girls
by Theatre Horizon

2021.5.29 - 30
2021.6.4 - 6
2021.6.11 - 13
Auditorium, Tai Po Civic Centre

$260, *$160

All the performances are sold out. If you would really like to get tickets, Chickeeduck offers free tickets to The Falsetto GIrls with purchase. Visit their stores in Tin Hau and in Tsuen Wan while stock lasts!

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